Working with Giants

NY Giants

It’s not too often an ENT practice and audiologist can claim a share in a super bowl victory. Back in May of 2007 Northern Valley ENT participated in the launch of the Lyric hearing aid. InSound medical asked us to pick a few patients to fit with the first ever totally invisible continuous wear hearing aid. We identified a group of our practice patients who seemed ideal for the Lyric hearing aid. One of the patients we chose was a NY Giants coach eager to improve his functional status. Defensive line coach Mike Waufle had used hearing aids in prior seasons that helped him to communicate with players on the field but would create feedback when using headphones to talk with fellow coaches up in the booth. In 2007 our practice provided him with Lyric hearing aids which enabled him to talk to players on the field and also wear headphones. He worked closely with audiologist Dr. Donna Szabo and Dr. Michael Scherl during the 2007 season. Undeniably his defensive line pressured Tom Brady preventing him from completing passes. Coach Waufle credited his new Lyric hearing aids from our practice with allowing him to effectively communicate with his defensive line players and also the coaches in the booth to enhance their performance and a ultimately achieve a victory in the 2008 Super bowl. Finally coach Waufle had a hearing aid that was deep enough in his ear canal that he could wear a headphone over the ear and not get feedback and allowed him to hear much better. His dominant defensive line was the major force behind the Giants super bowl triumph.