Hearing Aids

Hearing aids offer impressive new opportunities for patients with hearing loss to communicate, and contain a variety of features to enhance the listening experience. However, they have become very complicated devices requiring expertise to be properly programmed to a patient’s needs. We specialize in evaluating patients who report continued frustration despite having already purchased a hearing aid, and those who have been treated but are still unhappy with their ability to communicate effectively.

We work directly with the hearing aid manufacturers:


We offer all styles of hearing aids, including:

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE)/Open-Fit or Over-The Ear (OTE).

RITE hearing aid

Contains a case worn behind the ear, with an electrical wire attached to the receiver. Small and unobtrusive, but may be prone to feedback and noise leakage.

Completely-In-The-Canal Devices (CIC).

CIC hearing aid

Custom molded and placed deep within the ear canal. Tiny, requires less power to operate. Minimal feedback and occlusion effect.

In-The-Canal Devices (ITC).

ITC hearing aid

Custom molded and placed in the ear canal, but a little larger than CIC units. Batteries are easier to replace for those with dexterity issues.

In-The-Ear Devices (ITE).

ITE hearing aid

Custom molded and worn in the outer bowl (concha) of the ear. More visible than other models but packed with features including noise cancellation and wireless connectivity. Some users may experience feedback.

Behind-The-Ear Devices (BTE).

BTE hearing aid

Features a case that rests behind the ear and a tube that transmits sound to the ear canals. An external device that is visible to others, but highly durable since moisture and earwax are not issues. A great choice for children.

Invisible-In-Canal Devices (IIC).

IIC hearing aid

Custom molded and placed deep within the ear canal for perfect invisibility. Requires less amplification and delivers a natural sound with little occlusion effect, but is prone to damage from earwax.

We have in-depth information on some of our more popular hearing aids on the following pages.