The Serenade® is a hearing device designed to treat tinnitus, a persistent ringing (this can also be characterized as a whooshing, hissing, or whistling sound) in the ears that is often caused by damage to the auditory system. It offers customizable sound therapy consisting of multiple tracks of soft treatment sounds designed to suppress the annoying background noise caused by tinnitus. It consists of a handheld device programmed with several of these proprietary sounds, and a pair of earphones.

How Does Serenade Work?

The Serenade relies on low-frequency patterned tones (known as S-Tones) to stimulate neural activity in the auditory cortex. Because tinnitus varies between individuals, the Serenade system offers customized S-Tones and a variety of sound therapy tracks to meet the diverse requirements of tinnitus patients. The result is an innovative treatment approach backed up by scientific theory and well-established research in the field of neurophysiology. It differs from more traditional masking devices that work by diverting a patient’s attention away from the tinnitus; research suggests that suppression involves an underlying physiologic process where patterned sounds may actually interrupt or prevent tinnitus from occurring.

Additional Benefits of Serenade®

Additional benefits of the Serenade® system include independent volume controls for both ears for maximum comfort and flexibility; SleepAssist, a 60-minute timer to help the user fall asleep more easily; data tracking to record usage patterns; a compact size; portability; and ease of use. The device has been approved by the FDA, and is helpful in providing immediate relief for acute tinnitus, as well as offering long-term relief for persistent, chronic cases of tinnitus.