Hearing Loss

At Northern Valley ENT our goal is to provide the highest level of care and service to our patients. Patients affected by hearing loss benefit from the expertise and knowledgeable care of our physicians and audiologists who can accurately evaluate the patient’s condition and prescribe the hearing-improvement solution that specifically addresses that patient’s needs. Each patient’s health history, including factors such as medications, diseases, physiology, genetics, and past exposure to noise is used to determine the impact on the patient’s hearing. Patients also undergo a complete examination with comprehensive testing. Our main objective is to provide each patient with complete and individualized care to address hearing problems in the most effective and competent manner possible.

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Our Process

We start with a detailed history pertaining to the hearing loss followed by a physical exam and appropriate audiometric testing. Our evaluation always includes an evaluation by a physician and a highly trained audiologist. We start by asking the right questions to best understand your specific hearing frustrations. The next step in any hearing evaluation is making sure that the ear canal is healthy, open, clear of wax and additionally that there is no fluid behind the tympanic membrane. Once we have examined the patient then we will perform comprehensive hearing testing. Our testing also involves testing for the ability to understand speech as well as testing with tones. We will provide a frank appraisal of your hearing levels along with the pros and cons of obtaining amplification. If we believe that amplification will be of limited benefit we will make that very clear. Only thru understanding your hearing frustrations and needs can we appropriately recommend treatment.

Our Specialties

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We specialize in evaluating the patient who has continued frustration despite having already purchased a hearing aid or having been treated but still is unhappy with their ability to effectively communicate. Hearing aids have become very complicated devices requiring expertise to be properly programmed to a patient’s needs. Minimal programming changes can yield dramatically different sound quality but programming requires a patient and experienced audiologist who is willing to listen to a patient’s frustrations and complaints. If you have been sold the wrong hearing aid or it has not been improperly programmed we will tell you. If you need a cochlear implant or another surgical procedure we will tell you rather than try to sell you a hearing aid.

What We Offer

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We offer all styles of hearing aids– completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, behind-the-ear and dispense hearing aids from many different hearing aid manufacturers, including continuous wear devices such as the Lyric.

For children born with one-sided or biliateral atresia (i.e., absence of an ear canal), Dr. Scherl specializes in BAHA surgery. A bone anchored hearing aid (Baha) directs sound input to the inner ear, bypassing the inaccessible outer and middle ears. For severe one-sided hearing loss a BAHA can help an adult or child improve their hearing of sound input on the impaired side.