Nose and Sinus

Nose and sinus conditions can wreak havoc with your ability to smell and taste, and are more than just a nuisance: your ability to detect danger is compromised. Not only are you at risk of being unable to identify hazardous fumes, smoke, or rotten food, but you may also lose your desire to eat, which can lead to malnourishment and a dangerous drop in weight. Nasal polyps may interfere with your breathing, and a deviated septum or trauma to the nose can cause you social embarrassment.

At Northern Valley ENT, our staff is well educated on a variety of common nose and sinus conditions ranging from mild to serious. There’s no need to suffer through your condition when effective treatment solutions are just a telephone call away. Look over the information we’ve compiled below, and if you have additional questions or are ready to schedule an appointment, contact us. We’re here to help!