Your Office Visit

To insure that your visit is optimal:

1. Please read the front and back of your insurance card and determine if a referral is necessary. If a referral is necessary please ask your Primary Care Physician to provide you with the appropriate referral to our office.

2. Please be sure to bring a current insurance card.

3. Please bring a current list of medications and medication allergies.

4. Please bring any relevant medical records.

5. Please bring any relevant X-rays or discs of x-rays

6. If your x-rays are unavailable please bring any copies of x-rays reports.

7. Please bring any previously available hearing tests.

8. Please bring your hearing aids even if they are not working.

9. Please bring any available sleep study report.

10. It is often a good idea to have a relative or friend present to take notes and we welcome them in the examination.

11. Please write down any questions.

12. You can download the forms on our Forms page and complete them in advance of your visit.

13. We charge a $25 fee for patients who do not show up for the appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice.